Zara Foley

Zara Foley


In my practice I aim to create both large- and small-scale pieces using a range of mediums, predominantly techniques such as screen-print, cyanotype, etching and painting. Through an urban / street-style look, my work revolves primarily around the exploration of personal experiences and the impact our surroundings can exert on our bodies. At the core of my work lies a deeply personal narrative. My untimely retirement from football at the age of 21 due to injury, which left an incredible and still, raw emotional wound within me. With injury serving as my central theme, I use collage components in my artwork, utilizing each of the different mediums I use. These collage elements represent the reconstruction that our bodies go through after an injury, whether it be with metal implants or stitches. Inspired by the idea of my body as a contemporary Frankenstein, my work reflects these transformative features.

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Course: fine art

Year: 2024

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