Zoe Velthuysen

Zoe Velthuysen


In my work I explore migration, particularly the concepts of home, identity and belonging. I have explored these through maps and associated iconography. I use maps to confront the disconnection and detachment I feel about my Irish home, drawing parallels between the impersonal nature of maps and my own sense of displacement. My works stems from own experience of migration, and the effects moving from Australia to Ireland as a child has had on me. In my work, I grapple with the dissonance between map representations and lived experiences.

This exploration has culminated in work in 3D topographic maps made of metal. Starting with 2D maps of my homes, my process involves abstracting these maps to just their contour lines and reinterpreting them into steel structures. My works aim to reflect the nomadic sense of belonging experienced by many immigrants through the language maps and abstraction.


Course: fine art

Year: 2024

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