Mary Elizabeth Whitty

Mary Elizabeth Whitty


My work is an exploration of roots and mycelium, the relationship between the two and how it can be presented visually by using various materials.
The work takes a closer look at these structures, revealing this interconnected landscape that is otherwise left unseen. I aim to focus on the role of mycelium, a thread-like underground root network of fungi which is vital to the survival of our natural environment. Copper wire is used to create sculptures mimicking root and mycelial network growth. I also forage various natural materials whilst walking in the forest to make inks with for prints. Copper is another material used for ink making. I hope to develop an understanding of our connection with nature, and this fungi kingdom through sculpture, imaginative drawings, and visual stories. By working with nature, we can create and develop new outlooks on life, improving our emotional and mental perspectives.


Course: contemporary applied art

Year: 2021

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