Orla O’Byrne

Orla O’Byrne


Through a variety of techniques and media, I make tangible things in response to the abstract narratives that surround us. My work is rooted in the overlooked histories of specific sites or artefacts. I am curious about what’s concealed within the vastness of the institutional archive. Working from stories as well as from physical traces, I unearth and amplify the incidental to uncover new ways of engaging with a subject.
I work from a place of deep affinity with my materials. Drawings are made in charcoal dust and chalk. I take imprints, cast glass and plaster objects and work with analogue photographic processes. This visual vocabulary is in keeping with my fascinations: trace, erasure and the passing of time. I push ideas through various material permutations as a way of revealing layered and more nuanced versions of our given history.


Course: ma arts process

Year: 2022

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